Prime Day Survival Deals

Prime Day is here, and whether or not you were looking forward to the day Amazon blows open its metaphorical doors for the best deals this side of the Atlantic, we’re bringing to you some of the best, time-sensitive offers they available on the site. Here’s the catch, though, you have to go through our page, that way they know we sent you there. It’s voting season, and we all know how the sayings go, people vote with their wallets. The best part is, good survival gear doesn’t care about how much you spent on it when it’s saving your life in a disaster, or from a bad day in the office. Stay tuned for the best Prime Day Survival Deals.

3M WorkTunes + Gel Cups Hearing Protection

The only thing better than hearing protection when at the range, is hearing protection blasting the best Miley Cyrus, or Five Finger Death Punch, ironically of course. While one’s choice of music may be a joke, protecting your hearing is not, and take it from any veteran, tinnitus isn’t something we’d volunteer for again. The best part about these, however, is that they come standard with gel cups to go over the ears, which significantly makes them more comfortable and effective at saving those ear drums.

XAegis Shooting Glasses

If you’re wearing ear protection, you should be wearing something to keep your eyes safe, especially at the range or when working on the latest DIY project in the garage. While there’s plenty of arguments that start with “what if this happens?” here’s an easy answer, decent eye protection isn’t that expensive, even less so on Prime Day.

Go Time Gear Life Tent Emergency Survival Shelter

A tent like this isn’t for a week in the Rockies, if you get to choose the timing. However, emergencies wait for no one’s clock, and arrive on their own time. When that is the case, ideal means what keeps us alive, and in the hierarchy of needs, during a blizzard or pouring rain, shelter ranks pretty high on that list. Easy to keep in a car or strapped to a bug out bag, saving your survival pack from being raided every time you take a weekend out at the lake, this survival tent is burning in as low as $16 during the sale. Make your move now.

Go Time Gear Life Bivy Emergency Sleeping Bag

Unless you’re riding out the apocalypse with a team of porters to carry your gear, chances are it’s a sleeping bag that will end up in your tent. But there’s more than one application and ideal location for a survival sleeping bag, particularly for those living in northern states that suffer frigid winters which can quickly turn a stuck car into a icy tomb. Take this opportunity to prepare for a winter that might be low on available first responders and pick up one of these for less than the price of a fancy cocktail downtown.

LifeStraw Universal Water Filter Bottle Adapter Kit

Turn that Hydroflask from its days as a Visco-Girl prop into something that can save your life with the LifeStraw Universal Water Filter Bottle Adapter, and for less thanks to Amazon. Food, Water, Shelter make up the vital triad, and taking running water for granted is a fatal error. This isn’t Ranger School, this is survival, and whatever you do, don’t go full Bear Grylls.

J.CARP Military Tactical Backpack

While a pack like this isn’t something we’d recommend for a long haul survival experience, desperate times have driven people to go further with less. At the same time, more affordable bags like this make for excellent vehicle-bound medical kits, and survival bags that provide the live-saving gear and peace of mind in the event that one has to escape a real bad situation to get home, or happens to be in the wrong place at the right time and can do some good. With an included hydration pack, these kinds of bags hold the kit you don’t mind loosing in the event that the whole vehicle and contents must be abandoned, as they can be replaced for a reasonable price.

Tobfit 12 Pack LED Road Flares

To be clear, they might not be as cinematic as those ones that look like dynamite, but they’re 100% less likely to burn family members or start a forest fire as well. These road flares pack light and can be carried by the whole family to avoid being separated in the dark, and serve as not only a way to be found by first responders, but to mark a basecamp when exploring in the dark. Just remember, batteries not included.

Best Deals on Knives:

The venerable Swiss Army Knife by Victorinox is coming in at 20% off, With multiple models to choose from, these still make sentimental gifts for growing adventurers. Useful in most places except an airport, take a walk into memories past, catch a look at 5 Surprising Uses for a Swiss Army Knife.

Up To 20% Off CRKT Knives

Providing some the the best EDC knives that fit well between the lines of quality manufacturing and won’t-make-you-cry-as-you-dull-it-on-cardboard, CRKT knives have circumnavigated the globe in the packs of adventurers, kits of soldiers, and edc pockets of every-day people.

Up To 26% off Streamlight Flashlights

There’s no excuse to have to pull out an EDC pistol just to get access to a flashlight, and let’s remember, cell phone lights are convenience, not a replacement. As Streamlight’s hand-held and weapon lights continue to improve, their affordability becomes more and more attractive. This Prime Day sale, get them up to 26% off.

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