17 Fall Decorations To Dress Up Your Home For The Season

Are you looking for fall decorations that are easy and attractive at the same time? If yes, then you’re in the right place! Keep the fall spirit alive in your house with these decor ideas.

This list covers everything from simple and decorative fall candles to charming pumpkin planters!

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Easy & Festive Fall Decorations To Get You In The Mood

1. DIY Fall Wreath

handmade wreath of small pumpkins and zucchini on a vintage door | home decor

What is fall decoration without fall wreaths? And with a wide selection of fall wreath materials available, it’s definitely impossible not to create a festive decor to welcome your guests this season.

For your DIY fall wreath, you can use grapevines, pumpkins, pine cones, eucalyptus garland, lamb’s ear, sunflower, dried floral accents, and a lot more!

2. Monochromatic Pumpkins

thanksgiving cornucopia with white and gold pumpkins against white wood | home decoration

Keep your fall decor simple and sophisticated using a monochromatic design. Add white gourds and pumpkins and a pop of gold to make your interior chic while keeping the fall spirit alive.

3. Cinnamon Stick Candles

candle decorated with cinnamon sticks | fall decor

Just like sage and herbs, cinnamon sticks are also perfect elements to adorn candles and make a charming dining table display. All you need are candles, cinnamon sticks, rubber bands, and twine.

4. Fall Pillows

close front facing view blue fall greeting pillow | home decor

Throw pillows are great home decor as they serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. They make a space even cozier.

You can buy fall-inspired pillowcases under $10 or DIY and sew your own pillow covers. The more pillows, the merrier!

5. Fall-Inspired Kitchen Items

rustic autumn still life linen kitchen | fall season

Extend your fall decor all the way through your kitchen. Add some fall accents such as buffalo plaid dish towels, fall mugs, fall-inspired oven mitts, and autumn placemats.

This fall decor idea will have you cooking and baking hearty fall recipes most of the time!

6. Succulents Pumpkin Planters

cut halloween pumpkin decor plant | autumn

Putting together varieties of succulents in a DIY pumpkin planter and displaying it in your home will give you something to look forward to every fall morning.

This project is a chic and creative fall decoration perfect for plant lovers. The best part is that you can also keep this display even after the season.

7. Fall Basket

autumn fall decorative basket hanging on wooden door | fall season

Style a woven basket by adding fall-inspired items with a touch of neutral colors and warm tones. Fill it, for instance, with burlap, some wheat bundles, cattails, or other dried stems and flowers.

Then, add layers of pumpkins in different sizes and play around with other fall elements such as pine cones and autumn fabrics.

8. Glass Pane Fall Lantern

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Put together seasonal items such as mini pumpkins, acorns, pine cones, autumn leaves, and some dried blooms inside a glass pane lantern for a rustic fall decor that can instantly get you in the mood.

9. Reversible Wood Slice Snowman & Pumpkins


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This project is a creative way to transform wood slices into a reversible snowman and pumpkins fall decoration for your front porch, entryway, or living room fireplace.

Paint the three-tier wood slices with an image of a snowman and decorate it with a scarf and a cute hat then draw spooky pumpkin faces on the other side.

10. Mason Jar Lanterns


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A touch of lighting gives a room a cozy ambiance that makes it a relaxing place to just chill and enjoy a pumpkin spice latte.

Create pretty fall lanterns using mason jars, autumn leaves, a glue, and a sponge brush. You can use fabric autumn leaves from the dollar store then add a tea light and your mason jar leaf lanterns are good to go!

11. Confetti Pumpkins


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There are so many ways to dress up pumpkins for the fall season including this easy and fun confetti pumpkin project that is quick to make.

Use white faux pumpkin or spray them with white satin paint then glue the confetti on the utmost part. These pumpkins will surely add elegance and a dash of glam to your home.

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12. Corn Husk Bouquet

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If you’re planning to skip floral decorations this year, a corn husk bouquet is the perfect fall decor for you!

This will be a stunning centerpiece for your fall table. A glass vase is ideal so everyone can also enjoy the autumn colors of flint or Indian corns.

13. Sage Wrapped Candles

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You’ll surely love how easy this fall decor project is! All you need are white candles, some twine or ribbon, and sage.

Fresh herbs like thyme and rosemary are also perfect for this project. This is a simple yet classy way to adorn your Thanksgiving table.

14. Fall Hay Bale

decorative pumpkin display | fall decor

Add a farmhouse charm into your abode this autumn using stacks of a hay bale. This will be a great welcoming fall decor on your front porch. By adding pumpkins and gourds, you’ll complete the look in no time!

15. Fall Leaf Garland

house entrance decorated traditional autumn holidays | decor ideas

Spruce up your home with a simple yet charming leaf garland made of paper cut-outs featuring fall foliage of oranges, reds, golds, and browns.

Maple, magnolia, or oak leaves would look absolutely gorgeous. Use this versatile garland to adorn your fireplace mantel, front door, windows, or any boring wall in your house.

16. Pallet Signs

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DIY pallet projects are an excellent way to get your creative juices flowing this fall season. A happy fall sign and reversible snowman and scarecrow pallet are just some of the fall decorations anyone can make.

17. Fall Doormats

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Welcome mats with fall-inspired quotes and sayings will enhance the fall vibe of your doorway. You can also layer them with more rugs to make it look more fun and stylish.

Watch this video by Liz Fenwick DIY and learn some DIY dollar tree fall decorations:

There you have it–fall decorations that will save your home display this year! Recreate any of these ideas and bring the fall spirit into your home.

By just mixing up fall elements and decorations with warm tones and neutral colors, you can transform your home into a cozy escape. Happy fall decorating!

Which among these fall decorations are you planning to recreate? Share your favorite home decor with us in the comments section below!


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