10 Fun Tire Swing Ideas for Kids and the Young at Heart

As a kid, you probably had the chance to enjoy a tire swing at least once. Whether it was at a local park or you were lucky enough to have one in your own backyard, a tire swing offered a whole afternoon of fun.

Maybe you want one for yourself to relive the experience? Or perhaps you have kids of your own and want to share the fun? Building your own tire swing at home is totally possible! Read on to discover some favorite tire swing ideas that are bound to make your backyard more enjoyable.

Traditional DIY Tire Swing

If you’re looking for a good old-fashioned tire swing that doesn’t require any fancy chains, metal contraptions, or hooks, consider these plans from Wide Open Country. This tire swing can fit up to three young kiddos and is supported by a thick rope and a few strong knots.

As with anything, this tire swing will deteriorate over time, so be sure to keep an eye on it for wear and tear that could affect the overall strength of the swing.

Find the plans at Wide Open Country

Tire Swing With Cushion

Maybe you’re looking for comfy tire swing ideas that are designed for hanging out on the patio. This tire swing is also anchored with rope but includes a cushioned seat that makes it perfect for relaxing.

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You can choose cushion material that matches your patio furniture or go with something bright and fun — because it is a tire swing after all.

Lady Bug Tire Swing

If you’d rather use a chain (as opposed to a rope) for your tire swing, consider this simple DIY. This particular swing is painted like a ladybug, but get creative a find something that fits your space. A frog, duck, or chicken would also be adorable. Tire swings are supposed to be fun, so why not go with tire swing ideas that are whimsical?

Find the project at Grams on Blogspot

Tractor Tire Swing

photo courtesy of bed bath and beyond

Whether you have a 50-acre homestead where you actually utilize tractors, or your kid is just absolutely obsessed with big machines, this tractor tire swing is going to be a total hit. This swing is a finished product rather than a DIY, but it’s too homesteading-y for us to ignore.

Find it at Bed Bath & Beyond

Teal Tire Swing With Natural Rope

photo courtesy of ella claire inspired

Rather than being anchored from the base of the tire, the rope on this tire swing is anchored from the tread of the tire and tied with a strong knot to keep it super sturdy.

Spray paint it your kid’s favorite color, or have them join in on decorating it in fun patterns and colors.

Find the plans at Ella Claire Inspired

Donut Tire Swing

This project is definitely more of a tire swing concept rather than a step-by-step project, but it’s too cute not to include. The tire is first painted brown, and then topped with pink “frosting” and finished off with multicolored “sprinkles.” Just imagine how excited your kids will be to swing on their very own giant donut.

Find the project at Home Talk

DIY Flying Saucer Tire Swing

Now here’s one of the most creative tire swing ideas yet! Your kids will be excited to take a trip to outer space in this tire swing that looks like a flying saucer. The project is more time consuming than the previous tire swing ideas, but it’s sure to make a statement. Space helmet not included.

Find the plans at Fatherly

2-Tier Tire Swing

photo courtesy of stone cottage adventures

Here’s a two-tier tire swing that can fit a few kids comfortably. It’s supported with chains and made out of two large tires — both of which came from a tractor. Your kids will have a total riot swinging together, and the two tiers create a bit of a fort to play in.

Find the plans at Stone Cottage Adventures

Tire Swing With Built-in Cushion

photo courtesy of tool box divas

Supported by a steel chain and an extra-strong carabiner, this tire swing is simple and easy to install, and gives you the option to include a cushion if you prefer. If you don’t want to invest in a new cushion, you can always use an old patio chair pad, instead.

Find the project at Tool Box Divas

Cutout Tire Swing Ideas

Here’s a unique take on the tire swing that calls for you to cutout a piece of it for handles. You’ll need a jigsaw for this project, and it’s definitely a swing that’s intended for younger kids.

Source: insteading.com

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