Preparing for a Family Emergency – Car Accidents to Fires (We Show You How!)

Preparing for a Family Emergency
  • Steps to Take in a Family Emergency
  • What Constitutes a Family Emergency?
  • Car Accident
  • Steps to Take During a Hospital Stay
  • The Steps You Need To Take in a House Fire
  • The Best Way to Build a Medkit
  • The Best Medkits on the Market
  • Conclusion
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    SwissSafe 200 piece is the bright red coloring of the pack. It is a vibrant red with the white cross emblazoned on the front. The package is waterproof and is tri-fold, allowing you access to the pockets inside.

    This pack has everything you would need in a life-saving emergency and some survival equipment. There are a tiny saw and fishing hooks inside and a Ferro rod that will help you start a fire. All this, plus the live-saving tools inside, are packed down into a pack that is smaller than your hiking boots.

    Be Smart, Get Prepared 250 Piece Kit

    Treats up to 50 patients Alcohol wipes Antiseptic towels
    Ointment packets Burn cream Sting relief
    Cold packs Antacids Aspirin/Non-Aspirin
    Bandages Sterile gauze Paper towels
    Splint Tweezers Scissors

    Be Smart, Get Prepared isn’t just one the best slogans you can have; it is also the name of the company that makes this kit. They boast the ability to service over 50 casualties with the equipment inside the giant plastic box.

    If you have a larger family, this could be just what you need to make a kit that can travel with you anywhere. If you are a couple, the meds in this kit could last for months or even years before you begin to run low.

    BattlBox Combat Medic Bag

    Molle bag Casualty cards Triage bands
    Gauze Blood type patches Marker
    Alcohol swabs Bandages Scissors
    Knife Tourniquet Splint
    Pain killers Bug spray Bite ointment

    One of the premier companies in the outdoors and survival games is BattlBox. They have a subscription service that features some of the coolest innovations in the camping industry. This combat medic bag is one that resembles what combat medics carry into battle.

    There are tags for different blood types and even some clotting powders. What makes these kits so special is that they come with combat care cards. These cards will give the first responders any notes or identification that you may be able to provide.

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