5 Beautiful Modern Pergola Designs For Your Homestead

Thinking of building your own modern pergola? Here are five beautiful and relaxing designs you can draw inspiration from. Check them out below.

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Easy DIY Pergola Designs You Can Make

1. Modern Pergola Roof With Motorized Screens and Sliding Doors


This type of pergola is one of the most modern designs we have ever seen. This is suitable for all types of seasons since the glass windows and the sliding doors can protect you from extreme weather conditions.

2. Modern Pergola With Attached Christmas Lights

If you prefer a simple and laid-back pergola design at your backyard, you can imitate this setup.

In this design, the homesteader made a basic pergola with a few wood posts. Then, he made it look more intimate and rustic by hanging his own lights in the pergola’s ceiling.

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3. Festive Modern Pergola


Feeling a bit festive? You can spice up the design of a pergola with some Moroccan designs! This kind of setup can give your family a quick mood boost because of the modern walls and plant ties in the ceiling.

There are also some flower pots around the pergola, which are all in contrasting colors for a more festive feel. You can sometimes see some white curtains on each side of the pergola, a huge sofa, and some colorful pillows inside for a relaxing feel.

4. DIY Modern Pergola With Hammock


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Everyone loves a hammock! It’s very relaxing and it reminds everyone about being in the beach. But, not everyone has a place to put one in their homestead.

Luckily, you can use a modern pergola to attach a hammock on its opposite sides.

5. All-White Garden Pergola

all white garden Beautiful Modern Pergola Designs

Are you looking for a modern yet simple pergola design that can complement your garden?

In this setup, you can paint your pergola all white, like a blank canvas that can highlight the different colors of your flowers. Hang some vines and air plants along with the columns of the pergola, or put a few colorful pots of flowers beside the pergola posts.

And then, put a simple bench beside it for anyone who wants to admire your garden.

Want to learn how to turn an exterior patio into a DIY pergola? Watch this informative YouTube tutorial video by Build It Better:

A modern pergola is, indeed, a lovely addition to your homestead. It can give you and your family a relaxing outdoor space you can enjoy. Plus, it can add structure and charm to your backyard. There are many different designs you can choose from. So, gather all the materials now and build the perfect modern pergola in your garden this weekend.

Do you have a pergola at home? What decorations did you design it with? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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