Watch These Cacti Bloom Bright, Mesmerizing Flowers [Video]

When you bought a cactus for your home or office, you were probably fascinated by its shape, color, or unique spiky characteristics. But if you’re lucky enough to see them bloom, the cacti’s flower may become your new favorite part of the plant.

This video from National Geographic gives us the opportunity to see 15 different cacti species bloom flowers in a variety of different colors and shapes.

cactus blooming
National Geographic on youtube

Cacti typically bloom overnight, and the flower only lasts for a day or so. And the peak bloom only sticks around for an hour or two. So suffice to say, this is a pretty special moment that many of us don’t get the opportunity to see!

National geographic on youtube

Some of the flowers grow all at once, while others will bloom and as they’re dying, the new blooms follow right afterward. Here’s a screengrab that shows one flower blooming while the other 4 are dying off:

national geographic on youtube

Some cacti have flowers that grow right out of their top, while others look like they’re reaching out for the sun. Here, they almost look like alien arms!

national geographic on youtube

Every cactus has its own unique growth pattern and flower color, making them totally mesmerizing to look at. And to us, this video never gets old.

cactus with orange flowers
national geographic on youtube

Have you seen any of your own cacti bloom? What color flower did you get? Let us know in the comments below!


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