A Simple Tripod for Cooking Outdoors

Easy to make and inexpensive tripod.

Tucked away in our storage we have some Dutch ovens that are built for use on a stove.  This means no ring around the top to hold coals and the legs on the bottom are missing.  However, these are good US made cast iron Dutch ovens so I wanted to use them with our outdoor cooking setup.

A simple solution was to make a tripod to hold them above the fire.  This can be useful for keeping things warm and cooking foods like stews or soups.  So we took three lengths of ½ inch rebar and built a tripod.  It was quite simple.  We cut the rebar to the length we desired which was four feet.  One end was then heated with a torch and we bent it into a loop.  Loops from the other two lengths were then looped through and a little heat and hammering closed the loops.

We now had a completed tripod and the only thing left to do was to install a chain and hook.  A hook was installed on the one end of the chain.  The other end of the chain was ran through the loops and attached back to the chain with a carabiner to allow for adjustment.

Tripod top showing how the loops go together
Tripod folded for storage

This makes a nice simple inexpensive tripod that collapses together and takes little room. This article can help you make a dutch oven survival kit.









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