Farmhouse Kitchen Tour | Update!

Four years ago, we started our farmhouse kitchen renovation – hence the farmhouse kitchen tour coming to you right now! For the past four years, we’e been ripping, sanding, painting, tiling, installing, and (dare I confess) weeping from fatigue.

But we did it. Pinching pennies in parts and splurging in others (hello, Lacanche), the result is deeply personal. One of the greatest compliments I’ve recieved about my kitchen was a friend who walked in and said “It couldn’t be anyone’s but yours.”


If you’d like to take a video tour of the kitchen, you can watch my cottage kitchen tour below:

For too many photographs of said kitchen, keep scrolling down.

(What else is a girl to do when it’s 103 degrees outside?)

This kitchen is built around my needs, my size, my priorities, and my design aesthetic. Many may have opted for an easier to clear floor (terra cotta tile is many things, easy to clean is not one of them) or a different type of countertop (I’m a sucker for wood). Still – it is ours. And I am deeply grateful for the hours (and hours and HOURS) I spend in it.

Come along on the farmhouse kitchen tour with me! You’ll notice that cheesemaking while the cow’s graze the pastures is in full-force around here, as are the summer fruits and flowers. So it goes. (PS: If you’d like to pickle recipe from the photo below, you can check that out right here.)

  • Below the counter is where I store commonly-used equipment.
Farmhouse Kitchen Tour | The Elliott Homestead

Lest you think it’s all gravy on our farmhouse kitchen tour, there is still ONE ENTIRE corner of the kitchen to finish up. The stairs down to the root cellar need to be sheet-rocked, wallpapered, and patched to sit flush with the other walls. I’ve decided to save up, hire a handy-man, and allow him to polish off this last corner. Dare I say – I think Stu has had enough kitchen projects for his lifetime. (PS: Can’t you see another beautiful chandelier hanging over the root cellars stairs with that wallpaper in the background? Swoon!)

It brings tears to me eyes (is it just me getting older or are my hormones changing? Mama be weepy a lot these days…) to see the life and progress of this space. A farmhouse kitchen tour may seem simple, but it’s anything but (as any DIYers can attest to). Right now the sun is so bright and hot coming in it’s windows that we have to draw the tobacco-cloth curtains from mid-morning to sunset. The cupboards are constantly filled with dirty vegetables, still warm from the garden. But in just a few short months, there will be firewood stacked by the (soon to be) newly-piped in Jotul range and the creeping Virginia that drapes in front of the windows will be the deepest shade of Crimson.

Bring it on. I’m hungry for it all!

And Amen.

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