Trekker GT e-Bike Review

Triumph Trekker eBike

As one of the most respected names in the industry, British motorcycle developers Triumph have worked hard to build a strong reputation. They are known for their development of high-end gasoline-powered motorcycles, but their move into the electric market with the Trekker GT E-Bike has been very interesting indeed. This known e-bike is known as the Triumph Trekker, and this really changes things: for one, it’s a bicycle as opposed to a motorbike!

However, they’ve decided to go ahead and build something a bit different from what they usually would develop. They’ve come up with what we would call a very useful road-aimed commuter e-bike. By using a strong and secure hydroformed 6061 aluminium frame, you are riding around on a very sturdy piece of kit. Add in the integrated and lockable battery included, and you can avoid having an e-bike that is obvious to the world what it is.

In fact, thanks to the sleek nature of its frame and shape you could easily mistake the Trekker GT for a normal bike. Unveiled as the next step in the Triumph journey, they’ve powered it up with an impressive Shimano E6100 mid-drive motor, capable of producing a whopping 250-500W.

The battery, a Shimano E8035, has a capability of 504 Wh of power. That’s pretty impressive, and it should be capable of riding as far as 93 miles in a single charge which is more than enough for a few days of back-and-forth journeys for most people. It’s a very impressive solution, but power will naturally be dwindled if you look to save on leg power by boosting the power to a higher level.

Triumph Ebike

With Schwalbe Energizer Green Guard 27.5 x 2.0 tires, this is a very comfortable bike to ride around and not feel any reverb or shock. The addition of a Shimano Deore M600 hydraulic brake disc set ensures that you can keep on moving whilst coming to a quick standstill. The inclusion of LED lighting also helps to keep you plenty visible, meaning that night-time journeys don’t need to carry needless risk.

Add in the impressively comfortable Selle Royal Vivo saddle and riding around on the Trekker GT should be as comfortable as it should be. Triumph has naturally put in a lot of work to make this a very comfortable starting point for most riders, and it’s easy to see the benefits of that work.

Craftsmanship counts for a lot, but it naturally factors into the cost of the bike. Riders are expected to pay around $3,700 for the latest Triumph model, while it’ll be just shy of £3,000 in the UK. It’s become a very impressive model quickly, though, and it’s already available on-sale in the UK, Europe, and across the Americas.

The Triumph Trekker GT e-bike is one of the most interesting electric bikes to hit the market in recent times, so we should expect it to garner a lot of interest in the coming weeks and months. For now, though, it’s a very interesting starting place for those who might want to get an e-bike from a developer that they know and trust.



Triumph Motorcycles surprises with launch of its first electric bike



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