How To Freeze Zucchini In Just 10 Minutes

Want to learn how to freeze zucchini? It’s very simple, and will only take you less than ten minutes. Zucchini is a very versatile vegetable, and freezing them will help you enjoy its health benefits all year round. We listed down five simple steps to help you get started. Read them on below.

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How to Freeze Zucchini Without It Getting Soggy

Benefits of Eating Zucchini

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Zucchini is one of the varieties of summer squash. When they’re young, they are tender and tasty. But when they’re overgrown and large, they tend to be tasteless.

Zucchinis are often considered as vegetables. But, did you know that zucchinis are botanically classified as fruits? They are part of the gourd family, alongside cucumbers and melons.

Sometimes, you can find mild bitterness in zucchinis. According to the University of Arizona, that bitter taste is caused by different environmental factors like low soil nutrients and high temperatures.

Growing your own zucchini in your homestead is easy. In fact, a lot of zucchini farmers face a harvest surplus every year. So, anyone who grows zucchinis can easily incorporate it in a wide array of cooking and baking recipes.

You can plant them even in a square foot space. And to get that tender taste, harvest them when they’re still immature. This is typically when their height is still under 8 inches.

Zucchinis are nutritionally dense, as well. According to Healthline, they are high in vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A, B, and C, Potassium, and Copper. They are also high in antioxidants. This means that they promote healthy digestion, reduce sugar levels, and improve your heart’s health.

If you’re thinking of preserving the extra zucchini that you harvested or bought, here are some quick steps. Learning how to freeze zucchini is fast. In fact, preparing for it will only take you under 10 minutes.

So, let’s start.

Ingredients and Materials Needed

First, prepare all the ingredients and materials you need.


  • Zucchini
  • Water
  • Ice cubes


  • Knife
  • Cooking pot
  • Strainer
  • Large bowl
  • Baking tray
  • Ziplock bag

Step 1: Cube the Fresh Zucchinis

Wash your zucchinis and remove the top and the bottom parts. Then, cut the zucchinis into cubes.

Alternatively, you can also cut them into thick rounds (around half an inch) or shred them with a food processor or a box grater.

Step 2: Blanch the Zucchinis

Next, put the zucchini cubes in a pot of boiling water for around three minutes. Doing this will keep them from being mushy and discolored.

Fill a cooking pot with water about two-thirds of its capacity, then bring it to a full boil. Drop the zucchinis until they are a bit softened and bright green. If you are using grated zucchinis, you can just steam them in a steamer basket for around one to two minutes.

Remember to blanch only enough zucchinis for one batch at a time. Blanching a lot of zucchinis in one batch will turn some of the cubes brown. Also, do not put salt while blanching, as salt can turn veggies mushy.

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Step 3: Put Them in an Ice Bath

After blanching, drain the water and give them a cool, ice bath. Doing this will prevent the zucchinis from being overcooked.

Fill your large bowl with water and ice cubes. Rest your zucchinis in the ice water for around three to five minutes.

Step 4: Pack the Zucchinis in Zip-lock Bags

Drain the cold water and let the zucchinis rest on a baking tray. Pat them dry and remove any moisture. Then, place the zucchinis in a zip-lock bag, or any freezer-safe container.

When packing them in a zip-lock bag, remember to push out as much air as you can. You can also label each bag or container with the date you prepared them to measure up to when you can store it.

Step 5: Store the Zucchini Packs in the Refrigerator

Now, they’re ready for storing! You can keep them in the refrigerator for around 8 to 12 months.

Zucchini Recipes You can Try

Wondering what to recipes to try? Here are some meals and desserts you can cook with your frozen zucchinis.

  • Zucchini burger patties – you can add frozen zucchinis into burger patty mixes. This will make the patties moist. Sprinkle some herbs and spices like pepper, garlic, and cayenne.
  • Zucchini pasta – coat your pasta with some zucchini cubes and some herbs. Alternatively, you can also make zucchini slices as your pasta. It’s very simple, but ultimately delicious and nutritionally loaded.
  • Baked lasagna with zucchini – enrich your lasagna sauce with some grated zucchinis. If you want to go for vegan lasagna, you can also replace ground meat with zucchini cubes.
  • Baked zucchini bread – mix some grated zucchini along with other baking ingredients. For more flavor, you can also put some chocolate chips, cinnamon, and a pinch of nutmeg. You can also check out our Zucchini with Banana Bread with Butter Cream recipe.
  • Chocolate zucchini cake – for a healthier dessert staple, you can mix your cake batter with grated zucchini. Because of the chocolate and buttercream, you won’t even taste the zucchini. You may replace sugar with honey or maple syrup. Alternatively, you may also replace chocolate with other flavors like carrot or vanilla.

Dehydrating Zucchinis

Alternatively, you may also dehydrate some zucchinis and create your own homemade zucchini salt and pepper chips. This snack is paleo-friendly and even gluten-free. Just remember to slice the zucchini thinly before you dehydrate them. The thinner the slices, the faster you can cook them.

To know more about other health benefits of eating zucchinis, watch this video by Visual Hub:

Learning how to freeze zucchini is indeed very simple. Just take a few minutes to prepare them, and enjoy their numerous health benefits all year round. Just remember to wash them thoroughly before blanching. Also, don’t forget to let out as much air as possible when storing them in ziplock bags. Explore the different zucchini recipes you can try, and you’ll definitely love experimenting with this tasty veggie.

Have you tried baking or cooking with zucchini? Share some of your recipes with everyone in the comments below!

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