11 Healthy Honey Recipes To Sweeten Up Your Week

Craving for something sweet, succulent, and zesty? Opt for some homemade honey-coated foods! Here are several easy healthy honey recipes that range from light post-dinner craving treats to hearty, savory meals.

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11 Healthy Honey Recipes for Succulent Foods the Whole Family Will Love

1. Honey-Glazed Asian-Style Chicken Wings

chicken wings | 11 Healthy Honey Recipes To Sweeten Up Your Week | honey recipes

Ditch the greasy, fatty, cholesterol-packed fast-food chicken wings for some homemade honey-glazed wings! Each bite is an explosion of thick, creamy chicken meat covered in a sticky, zesty honey glaze that melts in your mouth.

Apart from being irresistibly delicious, these savory wings are also comparably healthier than other wing options. You won’t have to rely on grease, salt, and oil because the sweet, zesty honey gives your wings all the flavor you could want!

Pro Tip: Gunning for something sweet and spicy? Spice up your chicken wings healthy honey recipes by adding a dash of chili flakes.

2. Grilled Honey-Soaked Shrimp

fried shrimp | 11 Healthy Honey Recipes To Sweeten Up Your Week | honey recipes

Contrary to popular belief, shrimp dishes aren’t necessarily unhealthy. In fact, each medium-sized shrimp only has around 7 to 10 calories. So even if you eat a dozen of these delicious bite-sized sea creatures, you’ll still be only consuming less than a hundred calories.

What actually makes them unhealthy is the sarsa. Using fatty, greasy, and oily sarsa boosts its calorie count exponentially while drastically dropping its nutritional value.

But by using sugar as an alternative, you can recreate the sweet, tangy sauce you’re looking for without using too many unhealthy ingredients with empty calories.

3. Honey-Coated Cornbread


Treat yourself to a batch of thick, warm, decadent honey-coated cornbread! Each bite is an amazing carnival of flavors ranging from sweet and tangy to thick and zesty.

What makes these treats so amazing is that they are very versatile. You can serve them almost any time! Whether you’re trying to pass the time by handing out snacks at a party or satisfying your sweet tooth cravings, one or two pieces of cornbread will get the job done.

Pro Tip: Ditch the sugar and stick to raw honey instead. Doing so is a quick way to lower your dessert’s calorie and sugar content.

4. Honey-Drizzled Cheese and Berry Salad


Can’t get enough of sweet desserts but don’t want to spike your blood sugar levels? Try the honey-drizzled warm cheese and berry salad!

Each spoonful is a combination of tangy berries, savory cheese, and rich honey. It’s definitely one of the best healthy honey recipes to cap off a heavy, savory meal.

Pro Tip: Feel free to add in all kinds of berries into cheese and berry salad healthy honey recipes.

5. Carrot Slices in Honey and Mustard

carrot salad | 11 Healthy Honey Recipes To Sweeten Up Your Week | honey recipes

Carrots are the ultimate eye-health boosting superfoods. They’re rich in vitamin A and lutein which reduces the risk of cataracts, shields eyes from harmful UV rays, and promotes good overall eye health.

But let’s face it, carrots are too plain. They’re bland, watery, and if left too long in the refrigerator, soggy.

A cool way to add a little flavor to them is to glaze them in zesty honey! These all-natural additives are guaranteed to turn even bland carrots into mouth-watering sides your kids will love!

6. Warm Honey Pecan Pie

pecan pie | 11 Healthy Honey Recipes To Sweeten Up Your Week | honey recipes

Pecan pie is a traditional American favorite. They’re the star of many holiday and Thanksgiving dinners.

Now, if you want to make them taste sweeter while cutting back on sugar, try mixing in some honey. These’ll make each slice of pie much creamier, sweeter, and zestier without affecting the sugar and calorie content.

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7. Cinnamon-Honey Bars


Store-bought brownies, cookies, and caramel bars? They’ve got nothing against these delicious cinnamon-honey bars!

Enjoy digging into sweet, rich, decadent honey-coated bars as the alluring scent of cinnamon permeates every fiber of your being.

8. Grilled Honey-Glazed Salmon

grilled salmon | 11 Healthy Honey Recipes To Sweeten Up Your Week | honey recipes

Pair salmon with honey for a delightful surprise! The rich, creamy salmon fibers coated in sweet, zesty honey is powerful enough to make your mouth drool as you eat.

For an even elevated dining experience, cook the fish in fried garlic. They might leave a nasty scent on your clothes afterward, but the added spicy and earthy notes will make it worth it.

9. German-Style Honey and Sesame Cookies


Chocolate chip cookies are great, but you wouldn’t want to eat them more than a few times every other month or so. If you’re looking for a fresh cookie-eating experience, try these German-style honey and sesame cookies!

Enjoy the cookies crumble in your mouth as the sweet, refreshing taste of honey coats your tongue in a sweet, sticky glaze.

10. Savory Orange and Honey-Glazed Pork Tenderloin


Are you tired of greasy, poorly prepared Chinese takeout? Satisfy your cravings for Asian-style food with one of the tastiest, most savory healthy honey recipes we have on the list: the honey-glazed pork tenderloin.

Every moment you spend eating this dish is a part of its complete dining experience. First, you’ll be greeted by the sweet, warm, welcoming scent of toasted pork coated in honey.

Then, you’ll be ecstatic as your knife slides through the meat like it’s butter. And finally, your palate will be treated to a unique, lovely array of sweet, toasted, charred, and zesty flavors.

11. Traditional Honey Toast


Brighten up your mornings with a delicious, honey-glazed toast for breakfast! It’s delicious, versatile, and best of all, easy to make. In fact, you can whip one up in just a matter of minutes.

To make your honey breakfast experience even better, opt to pair it with some all-time American favorites such as eggs, mashed avocado meat, sausages, and of course, coffee.

Pro Tip: Lay off on the butter if you’re going to glaze your toast in honey. Not only would a butter and honey combination be unhealthy, but the taste will be too strong and rich for a breakfast meal.

Looking for more healthy honey recipes? Check out this video by Tastemade:

These are just some of the best, easiest healthy honey recipes for beginners to try. Feel free to explore other options. After all, what makes honey so great is it’s a very versatile ingredient.

You can even opt to make your own recipe. Combine honey with other meals that go well with its sweet, zesty juices such. It’d be perfect for anything from barbecue marinade sauces to doughnut glazing.

Which of these healthy honey recipes would you try out first? Share your favorite honey treats with us in the comments section below!

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