How To Store Dog Food Long Term: Don’t Forget Your Pets!

How To Store Dog Food Long Term
  • Long Term Dog Food Storage: Dry Food
    • Check Expiration Dates
    • Put Food In Airtight Containers
    • Make Your Own Container
    • Save The Bag
    • Storage Placement
    • Freezing Dog Food
    • Quick Tips
  • Long Term Dog Food Storage: Wet Food
  • Frozen Food
  • How Do You Know Your Dog Food Has Gone Bad?
  • Conclusion
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    these or this stylish one but don’t worry if you don’t want to buy special clips, I use binder clips. The manufacturer puts the food in a bag that keeps out oxygen and moisture. Use that to your benefit.

    can cap on the can or cover with plastic wrap to keep out any contaminants.
  • Don’t Leave Food Out: Do not leave wet food out for longer than four hours. If your dog isn’t eating the portion you are leaving out, dish out less, and put the rest in the fridge. You should throw out any food that stays out longer than four hours and make sure to wash your dog’s dish thoroughly after every meal.

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