10 Ways to Use Your Phone in a Survival Situation

All of the Survival Uses for Your Phone
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    Downloading and Storing Survival Apps

    If you’ve got a smartphone with the capability of downloading apps, it’s a great idea to download and store survival apps on your phone. Survival apps, just like survival eBooks, can aid you greatly in learning survival techniques, having access to important survival information, and more. Often, these apps have all the information you can get from survival eBooks.

    The saying “there’s an app for everything” couldn’t be more accurate. You can find and download survival apps like:

    • CB TALK – Turn your phone into a CB radio
    • SAS Survival Guide – A comprehensive guide to survival, even in extreme conditions
    • Knots 3D – Learn how to tie essential knots
    • MotionX GPS – Download topographical maps from all over the world

    There are many more survival apps out there, and you can choose which ones you need depending on your interests and your specific needs.

    Location and GPS Capabilities

    Most phones come equipped with GPS and location-tracking capabilities, which can be extremely useful in survival situations. Your phone’s built-in GPS and navigation apps can help you locate yourself to find out where you are. Furthermore, they can even get you a route back to where you need to be.

    Additionally, even if you don’t have cell reception or access to the internet, your phone likely has a built-in compass app that can be used to help you navigate.

    Becoming a Flashlight

    Most smartphones that have been released for the last several years come equipped with a built-in flashlight option. The “flashlight” on phones typically utilizes the phone’s camera flash to create a steady stream of light. If you don’t have a built-in flashlight option on your phone, the brightness of the phone’s screen itself can act as a flashlight.

    Becoming “Binoculars”

    As long as your phone has a working camera, it can be used as a makeshift pair of binoculars. Simply open your phone’s camera app and zoom in on an area to see what you usually couldn’t from far away.

     Need even more of a zoom? Follow these steps:

    • Use your camera to zoom in on the area you’d like to see more of and snap a photo.
    • Next, go into your phone’s camera roll and open the photo.
    • Zoom in on the photo itself, and you should be able to zoom in on and see even more.

    Disclaimer: Using your phone like a pair of “binoculars” is not likely to be anywhere near the quality of actual binoculars. You’re likely to see some pixelation or blurriness depending on your phone’s camera and zoom capabilities. However, it can still help if you’re in a pinch!

    Blackview BV9800 Pro, which runs on the Android OS system, has been called “the best rugged smartphone on the market.”

    Some of its features include:

    • 128 GB of storage
    • 3 inch Gorilla Glass 3 unbreakable screen
    • 48MP Sony camera resolution
    • Thermal imaging camera
    • Large (and long lasting) battery
    • Helio P70 Octa-core processor
    • IP68 waterproof

    The Blackview BV9800 Pro knocks just about every feature off the list of what to look for in a survival phone.


    OUKITEL may not be a name you are familiar with in the smartphone world, but when it comes to rugged, survival-based smartphones, they’ve got a wide range of useful models.

    One of those is the OUKITEL WP5, which has features like:

    • Android 10 system
    • 8,000 mAh battery capable of charging other smartphones and tablets
    • IP68 waterproof, dustproof, and drop proof
    • Triple rear cameras
    • Up to 128 GB of storage with SIM cards and SD cards
    • Face ID and fingerprint recognition for unlocking

    At a price point is very reasonable and affordable compared to other models of rugged survival phones, the OUKITEL WP5 and all its features make a great tool for any survivalist.


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