15 Calming Meditation Room Ideas

Meditating at home can be a real challenge, especially when you don’t have a dedicated space in your house or apartment. When you’re meditating or practicing yoga, it can be really easy to get distracted by the items around you: the cluttered bookshelf, dirty dishes in the sink, or kid’s toys piled up in the living room corner.

Whether you regularly practice yoga and meditation or are just looking to create a space in your home that’s peaceful and relaxing, we’ve put together some of our favorite meditation room ideas to add some much-needed zen to your space.

Cozy And Comfy Meditation Room

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This sacred space is really supporting my practice rn. ✨ What are you doing at home to make your quarantine yoga/meditation more magical? ⚡

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If you don’t have a comfy space where you feel safe, you’re going to have a difficult time trying to relax and let your mind wind down. With that said, one of the best meditation room ideas is to simply add (or remove) a few things from your space so it encourages you to relax.

The warm colors of this room are incredibly comforting, and the addition of plants, books, salt lamps, and a guitar make it a multifunctional space that’s relaxing, too.

Living Walls

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Could there be a more perfect place than this room by @stouijer to take a break from the hectic holiday season? We have a meditation session going on this morning at 10:30 and the showhouse is open through next Sunday. #hhnyc2019 #decoratingforacure #interiordesign #interiordesigner #meditationspace #calmingeffect #greenwall #mindandbody #balancedlife #showhouse #charityevent #uppereastside #nyc

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While the addition of potted plants definitely makes a space more welcoming and relaxing, a living wall works as both indoor plants and wall art. While there are a few plants that can work well, moss and ferns make the best green wall display for these types of meditation room ideas.

Simple And Elegant

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Thought I’d share a photo of my mums meditation room 🙏🏻 As my parents are now empty nesters, I thought it was about time my mum had a area just to herself. When she first started meditating many moons ago, I can’t lie I thought it was all a bit of fluffy nonsense. But after seeing how it can really transform your life. I even go so far as to recommend it to others especially in sad or stressful times x

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If you find yourself getting really distracted by objects around you when you meditate, try keeping things simple! Clear your meditation room of any clutter and keep the basics. You may find yourself with a clearer mind, as well.

Aromatherapy Diffuser Shelf

aromatherapy shelf

If you like to incorporate aromatherapy or essential oils into your meditation routine, add a dedicated shelf to your space. It will keep all your essential oils orderly and prevent you from getting distracted by clutter when you’re trying to meditate.

Meditation And Creative Studio

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Absolutely in love with our new meditation creative studio! A peaceful adult space for us to unwind, meditate & crafting. My husband has his own desk to paint & draw and mine for stained glass and attempting to make all those things I see on @pinterest 😄 #homemeditation #homemeditationspace #meditation #yoga #yogaroom #crafting #paintstudio #homerenovation #cardiff #roath #relaxingspace

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If you have a spare room in your house or apartment that you want to transform into a multipurpose space, consider this half meditation room half creative studio that can serve a variety of needs.

Put all of your furniture and items up against the wall so you have plenty of space to meditate and practice yoga without kicking stuff behind you.

Earth Tones And Textures

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Now that the Thai mats aren't essentially cord covers 😉 they can actually get used in the meditation room, music room…and/or the place I'm about to set up an iPad with Netflix! . . #meditationspace #meditationroom #meditationroomdecor #wabisabiinteriors #thriftedhome #thrifteddecor #thaimat #roundrug #artistdesigner #designtrends #designerartist #mndecor #mnart #mnhomedesign #APARTMENTliving #apartmenttherapy #doingneutralright #neutraldecor #naturalhome #wabisabihome #laidback

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Earth tones are a great option for meditation rooms because they are grounding, comforting, and make the space feel more natural.

Just make sure that if you choose to paint your walls a lighter earth tone that that doesn’t make the room feel dark and drab.

Tapestries And Windows

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The more tech-savvy and busy we get, the more we feel a need to get away from it all and spend some time in peace and tranquility. An escape to an exotic holiday destination does help in this regard, but you really cannot take a break every week! This is where the calming influence of meditation and yoga comes in. Create your own meditation and relaxation corner by adding beautiful mandalas, comfy pillows and healing crystals 🙏✨ #meditation #meditationspace #meditationroom #relaxation #yoga #yogainspiration #mandala #mandalas #cosycorner #interiordesign #nook #readingnook #healingcrystals #healingstones #goodvibes #meditationroomdecor #bedroomdecor #littlethings #magic

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Sometimes creating a meditation room is as simple as opening up some shades and hanging colorful tapestries to filter the light. Make sure to add lots of comfy meditation cushions and blankets to give yourself a variety of seat options.

Simple Yoga And Meditation Corner

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🌱 Creating a home yoga space is a beautiful way to honor yourself. A space that is meant solely for movement and yoga reinforces the importance of your practice and can help you establish a more consistent practice routine. I can't imagine where I’d be at today if I hadn’t started (and stuck with) my own home yoga practice nearly five years ago. Having a safe and sacred place at home where I can retreat to at any time is so special.🧘🏻‍♀️🧘🏽‍♀️ . . . . . . . . #yoga #yogapractice #asana #homedecor #homeyoga #yogaroom #yogabench #dailyyoga #smart #homedecorating #yogaeverydamnday #decoracion

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You don’t have to spend a lot to create a peaceful space for yoga and meditation in your home. This is a simple meditation space that has all the basic yoga props and a few indoor plants to make it cozy and relaxing.

Living Room Meditation Space


The combination of colors in this meditation room make it feel warm and inviting, but still uncluttered enough to provide a space to de-stress and get a little more clear-headed.

Hanging Chair

hanging chair
Find it at Wayfair

If sitting on the ground during meditation isn’t your jam, set up a space to accommodate your preference. A comfy seat or one of these hanging chairs will provide you with a more accessible place to meditate. There are lots of different hanging chairs available on Wayfair to fit any budget or style.

Yoga, Meditation, And At-Home Workout Space

meditation room ideas

Photo by Backyard Buildings – Browse shed photos

If you have a shed you’re not using or some extra space in the garage, you can transform it into a yoga, workout, and meditation space. This meditation room features lots of storage and a big open space to accommodate both yoga and meditation as well as simple at-home workouts.

Apartment Meditation Space

meditation room ideas for apartment
cottonbro / Pexels

Sometimes you just have to make do with the space you have, and that can be as simple as moving your coffee table or ottomans out of the way so you have the space to move. This approach is one of the simplest meditation room ideas, but it might be the most realistic one for apartment or tiny house dwellers.

Yoga Corner With Storage

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How cute is my new yoga corner?! I’m in love with these gorgeous mat shelves that @duelistdesign kindly gifted me and also pretty pleased with my rainbow selection of @jadeyogamats !

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Given that yoga and meditation can take up a lot of floor space, you’ll want to reserve as much as you can, especially if you live in a small space. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the vertical space in your home to store away yoga mats, blocks, meditation cushions, and other essential items.

Again, a simple meditation room idea that’s also a functional storage plan that unclutters your floor space.

Upcycled Glass Greenhouse Meditation Room

upcycled greenhouse meditation room

Photo by Sarah Greenman – Browse shed ideas

While meditating inside the comfort of your own home is peaceful and relaxing, sometimes being surrounded by nature can take your mindfulness to the next level.

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If you have space on your property and the time to dedicate to a fairly large project, consider making an upcycled window greenhouse that you can transform into a tranquil meditation space. Bring in your heat-loving tropical plants and the space will become even more relaxing.

Small Corner Meditation Space

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This new yoga/meditation space I created in my guest bedroom during quarantine has been such a special place for me. . I’ve spent many, many days praying, thinking, crying, meditating, practicing yoga, taking online teacher training classes, reflecting, teaching yoga classes, contemplating, talking to my plants(I’m a weirdo), talking to my daughter, snuggling with my fur babies and just breathing in this room. . I’m going to miss teaching in here now that quarantine is moving to phase 3 in California and we can begin to teach at our yoga studio again beginning next week BUT this will continue to be my favorite space in our home and I still foresee many more hours/days spent in here continuing to grow. . . Did anyone else do any redecorating during the stay at home order? . #itsajungleinhere #crazyplantlady #yogaspace #meditationspace #sanctuary #homesweethome #plantsmakesmehappy

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If you don’t have a lot of space for a meditation area, or you are using the room as a multifunctional space, consider dedicating a corner of your room to your meditation and yoga practice. A bookshelf allows you to take advantage of vertical space and leaves the floor available for a yoga mat and meditation cushions.

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