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    this guy named Dr. Perez, who has spent over $2 million for doomsday. That is the vast majority of his family’s income. He has not worked a day in 12 years because he is too busy getting ready for a terrorist attack. If you want to know more about his story, you can find him on the show ‘Doomsday Preppers.’

    Another man, named Michael, is preparing for an overpopulated world. He lives off the land, off the grid, and developed his own alarm system. He bought some bird feeders and uses the birds as alarms. He spent over 2 decades learning different bird calls for this purpose.

    These calls could give the family 5 minutes to avoid any danger. Rather than stock up on firearms like some preppers, Michael doesn’t want to rely on them. Instead, he plugs into the landscape and sees what it can offer. Was he totally over the top? Not really, but he’s thinking a little too “out of the box” for me.

    r/PandemicPreps that has about 21,000 members in it. They give constant, helpful tips, and answer questions as thoughtfully as possible. Here are a few general ways they suggest to prep well without going overboard:

    • Keep your finances as healthy as possible
    • Work on your physical health
    • Check your security and weapons
    • Brush up on trauma and first aid
    • Complete vehicle repairs
    • Learn skills essential in a collapse situation (baking, growing food, making herbal medicines, carpentry, hunting, brewing alcohol, planting a garden that will be useful for winter)
    • Brush up on languages common in your area
    • Write a will

    There are even separate plans for people who may have asthma, diabetes, or other underlying health conditions. They even have plans to prep for pets. They gave useful YouTube channels to follow to enhance their knowledge.

    Commenters love to share their knowledge. For example, one Redditor bought a deep freezer from Home Depot, while others are learning to can their own produce or raise chickens.

    A.N.T.S. is regarded as a fantastic network to get into prepping. Open to anyone from a beginner prepper to a veteran survivalist. The information on their website might be intimidating at first since it’s overflowing, but it’s clear these people know what they are talking about.

    People there document their experiences with sleeping outside in hammocks. They give survival tips for every disaster imaginable. There are recommended items to buy, where to shop, and where to avoid. There are various recommended items for different types of disasters.

    Here are a few examples:


    Disasters Recommended Gear
    Natural A light source, cordage & tarps, Shemagh, repellents & sunscreen
    Economic Items to trade, potent adult beverages, cigarettes & cigars, whatever you can make
    Regional Batteries, firearms, canned foods, bottled water

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