11 Creative Rock Painting Ideas You Can Do With Your Kids

Looking for a fun way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon with the kids? Try rock painting! It’s a fun, inexpensive activity that stimulates one’s creativity and imagination.

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15 Rock Painting Designs to Draw Inspiration From

1. Night Sailing

sailboat night | Creative Rock Painting Ideas You Can Do With Your Kids | rock painting

This is the perfect ornament for baby rooms. Each stone has a dazzling, nostalgic design that looks like something out of a children’s storybook.

Plus, the stone’s bright colors can stimulate curiosity among toddlers. For the design, draw inspiration from children’s literature pieces on fantasy and adventure such as The Little Prince.

How to:

All you’ll need for this specific rock painting design are acrylic paint, a paintbrush, and some smooth-surfaced stones.

2. Cacti Character Rocks


What makes this rock design so cool is it personifies a very common household plant: the cactus. And as we all know, many homesteaders treat their plants like family. Some might even find themselves talking to their cacti.

So it’s no exaggeration to say that these character rocks are guaranteed to melt the heart of any plant-loving homesteader.

How to:

  • Grab a bunch of smooth-surfaced stones.
  • Paint them in green acrylic paint, use different-sized pebbles for the arms and legs.
  • Glue them together, then add a pair of googly eyes.

Pro Tip: You are free to alter this design to make it look like another kind of plant.

3. The Chef’s Kitchen


If your little ones love looking at food, cooking food, and eating food, then this rock painting design is perfect for them!

It’s a combination of various delicious foods and treats. Some of the ones featured on the image above include cupcakes, eggs, carrots, hotdogs, cheese cubes, and watermelon slices.

Of course, you are free to paint whatever foods you and your family want. Just make sure not to make them look so tasty. Otherwise, the kids might actually eat them!

How to:

All you’ll need for this design are acrylic paint and smooth-surfaced rocks. Some foods, however, might require miscellaneous props. For example, your watermelon slices might look more realistic if you glued a bunch of beads on it to look like seeds.

4. M&M Chocolate Rocks


M&M chocolate merchandises are very popular for their cute, big eyes and dumb, smug smiles. They’re a hit with both the younger and older audiences.

How to:

  • Coat the stone’s surface in red, green, or blue acrylic paint.
  • Then, using a thin paintbrush, draw an outline of a bitemark near the bottom of the stone.
  • Afterward, use brown paint to draw the chocolate fillings.

5. For Mommy

mommy rock | Creative Rock Painting Ideas You Can Do With Your Kids | rock painting

Looking for a cool last-minute gift to give your mother on her special day? Try this personalized rock painting design!

It’s a cute, dainty layout that features the words Mother in English and in braille. It’s simple, easy-to-do, and most importantly, quite touching.

How to:

  • Use acrylic paint to coat the smooth-surfaced rock in any color you want.
  • Then, paint the word “mommy” anywhere on its surface.
  • Afterward, use a hot glue gun to attach beads on the rock’s surface and spell out the word “mommy” in braille. Use the image above as your reference.

6. Baby Shark


Browsing for fun, creative crafts for kids? Try out this rock painting activity!

What makes the baby shark design so fun is you can use it as both a toy and a decorative piece. Have your kid play with the painted rocks while listening to the popular song baby shark! This is sure to keep your toddlers and rugrats entertained for hours on end.

How to:

Paint the smooth-surfaced stone with non-toxic acrylic paint and avoid using small stones because they’re a choking hazard. Make the piece as child-friendly as possible.

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7. Harry Potter: The Sorcerer’s Stone


This is a cute design that allows Potterheads to bring their favorite Harry Potter characters to life. Featured above is the show’s favorite trio of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger.

Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to the characters. Feel free to draw the symbols of Salazar Slytherin, Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, and Rowena Ravenclaw to make your own Hogwarts badge.

How to:

These designs are a bit more complex than the other options on this list. You’ll need an array of different-colored acrylic paint, smooth-surfaced stones, and multiple thin and thick paintbrushes.

8. Here’s Waldo!


You don’t have to go through the hassle of going through thousands of different characters just to find Waldo. If you really wanna see him, opt to paint the character your own!

This is sure to be a hit among teens who love classic board games and puzzles.

How to:

Draw the elusive Waldo from all possible angles. You’re free to paint anything from a whole-body portrait to a zoomed-in facial profile.

9. Famous Paintingscolored stones | Creative Rock Painting Ideas You Can Do With Your Kids | rock painting

Drawing on smooth-surfaced stones is a great way to practice painting. They have a small surface area, are inexpensive, and are an eco-friendly choice.

In fact, you can keep using the same stone as much as you want. If you feel like you want to redo your work, submerge the painted stone in warm water and scrub the paint off with a brush.

How to:

Use all the acrylic paint and paintbrushes you need to complete your masterpiece.

10. Inspirational and Motivational


Do not underestimate the power of inspirational phrases. Surround yourself with positive energy and the good karma and blessings will follow.

How to:

  • Coat the stone in calm colors such as light blue.
  • Then, use a thin paintbrush to scribble your favorite motivational words and phrases.

11. Floral Rocks

floral print rocks | Creative Rock Painting Ideas You Can Do With Your Kids | rock painting

Create a tropical aesthetic even in a cramped, urban apartment with a few of these colorful floral rocks. They match well with bright, neon walls and decorative pieces.

How to:

Paint the smooth-surfaced stones in colorful acrylic paint and imitate your favorite flowers. They’re a great alternative for those who don’t even have the luxury of growing indoor plants but badly want a home garden.

Check out these stunning rock painting ideas and designs by Stars Art:

What makes rock painting so cool is the fact that you are free to follow whatever design pops in your mind. You can make the rocks look like gemstones, easter eggs, cartoon characters, or even food. Let your imagination run wild!

Plus, using rocks instead of paper is a far more efficient and eco-friendly choice. Painting on rocks has a smaller carbon footprint and you can use the finished products as decorative pieces around your home.

What rock painting ideas would you add to this list? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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