Survival Gear You Can Trust In Emergencies During A Hunting Trip

Survival gear you can trust when hunting
Survival gear you can trust when hunting


Survival Gear You Can Trust In Emergencies During A Hunting Trip

No doubt hunting is an exciting experience but there are risks every time you step out in the wild. You may face an emergency or an unexpected situation at any point in time and survival is all about handling it smartly. Obviously, you must go the extra mile by carrying the right gear and tools. Additionally, a rational, clear mindset will enable you to use these tools in the right way to get out of the fix. When it comes to hunting gear, there are some basics that you must take along. Apart from the basics, you must absolutely know about the pieces that can help in emergency situations. Here is a checklist that can help.


Fire source

Not even the most sophisticated weapons can give you as much safety as fire can. It keeps wild animals away, cooks food, offers warmth, and signals rescuers during emergencies. In short, it is perhaps the single most important thing that can help you survive when in trouble. Carrying an adequate supply of fire-starting materials should be your priority. A disposable lighter and waterproof and windproof matches are the essentials. You can also take along a magnesium striker and a tin of petroleum-based fire paste as a backup.

Knives and multi-tools

When it comes to personal protection, you cannot undermine the importance of knives. You will have your rifle indeed, but a knife is surely easier to handle and can perform multiple duties. You can use it for different tasks, from cutting rope to cleaning game and even tightening scope rings. You can carry a few options, such as a surgical-blade knife for game cleaning and a fixed-blade knife for heavy-duty tasks.

Body armor

Defense is as important as offense when you are right in the middle of the wild. Accidents happen all the time and you can never be sure without the right protective gear. Dependable body armor by can be the best investment that a hunting enthusiast can make because you can use one for multiple excursions. A ballistic vest is an interesting type of gear, especially for bird hunting. It should be able to stop shotgun BBs and pellets. Another benefit of wearing a ballistic vest is that it gives you all the warmth that you need during a winter hunting trip. Body armor offers protection against potential damage from ricochets, shrapnel, and non-projectile shrapnel such as wood splinters from trees or rock splinters from brick, rock, mortar, etc

Navigational device

Survival in the hunting field is not just about being safe when you are with your gang; it becomes all the more crucial if you happen to get lost. It happens with everyone but can be disconcerting. You can pick a compact, handheld GPS unit to help you navigate safely through the forest and reach your campsite. Don’t forget your compass because it is a smart backup that does not need batteries.

First-aid kit

Though not exactly a tool, a first aid kit is still a savior in the wild and it should be well-stocked for the very obvious reasons. To start with, your hunting first aid kit should have some bandages, adhesive tape, antiseptic wipes, sterile gauze pads, ointments, and painkillers. Do include a supply of personal medications that you take, in case you are forced to have an unplanned stay in the wild.

Amongst the gear mentioned here, body armor is the most important because of its life-saving potential. You can go through body armor news blog to get some useful information on picking the perfect size and fit so that you are comfortable even while having the protection you want. Apart from these pieces, you must pack some extra food and water in your backpack just in case you need them in an emergency. Most importantly, never leave your common sense home!

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