Hyundai 45 EV on the Horizon

Hyundai 45 EV

As one of the major names in the vehicle production industry, Hyundai has created top quality vehicles worldwide. Their approach to high-end car manufacturing has made them a global giant within the industry and beyond. However, it isn’t just making a high standard of vehicle that makes Hyundai such a big name; it’s their desire to innovate and create something unique that makes them stand out so much today. That’s why reports of their Hyundai 45 EV being on the horizon is very exciting indeed.

This all-electric 45 EV has been spotted around Europe with far less camouflaging than it was once using. This new hatchback is going under yet more testing and analysis to ensure that it can produce the same standard that is expected. Photographers managed to snap a few photos of the vehicle in all of its glory, showing off its very unique and interesting roll cage. In the photos shown, it was noted that the Hyundai 45 EV seemed to have little to no corner rolling.

Many vehicles of this style have done nothing more than ride like a poor crossover; this does genuinely feel like a hatch from the looks of the images that we are seeing. Also, the fact it’s managed to do away with the excessive camouflage means that the vehicle now stands out looking fresher than ever before. Many of the visual aspects seem to mostly be based off of the look that we see from the concept car in Frankfurt back in 2019.

Facts are thin on the ground

However, despite finally seeing some interesting photos of this little machine in action, we’ve not got much to go on with regards to specifications. We know little of its engine, for example, though some expect we’ll see a Kona Electric 201HP EV system fitted into this. For now, though, facts are thin on the ground and we don’t know too much about the actual hardware behind the model.

We should also expect some of the other features shown off so far to be cut as the car moves from concept to conveyor belt. However, for those who like the Kona-inspired design of the new 45 this should be an exciting time for you.

While we don’t know so much about the car at the moment, what we do know is that it is turning heads and making a very interesting car come to life. For Hyundai, this could be the flagship entry into the electric market that they have been working towards for so long.






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