Clear Glass Window Solar Panels for Homes

Glass Window Solar Panels

For years now, there has been an open understanding and accepting of the importance of renewable energy. The best way to do that is to use the energy sources that our planet naturally already has – and this includes solar energy.

The problem for years, though, has been finding ways to get solar panels installed into every home. Well, one company has found a way to turn the windows in your home into fully functional solar panels. Instead of having to find space in the garden, on the garage, or on your roof, you can simply swap out your windows for money-saving and power-generating solar panels!

This has come from the development of a Redwood City based start-up that has got the idea to make our windows work for us. The company, Ubiquitous Energy, has become well-known in the energy sector for their bright ideas and their ambitious design plans. They have bene working on the development of ClearView Power windows for some time, and now has developed a ‘solar glass’ that does the job that we need.

Normal solar panels tend to have that dark opaqueness to them that makes them unsuited to being a window. However, with the introduction of some solar panels that are just as effective for light as windows, these help to provide the ‘best of both worlds’ approach that we need. Solar windows have been marketed as the ideal solution for those focused on renewables but also very happy to invest in workable solutions.

Catching up on the renewables boom

In 2021, it’s expected that wind energy and solar energy will surpass wind energy in terms of general usage per day. This is going to become a major part of our futures and doing everything you can to get involved now will be very much the solution that you need. It looks like UE have managed to get ahead of the game and come up with a solution that allows for you to have clear-window viewing that develops energy.

This works because it’s going to help you meet the power needs that you have every single day, but also ensure that your home does not become dimmed out and opaque due to solar panel windows. This is going to help you to capture the UV rays from the sunlight, and ensure that you can get the sunlight to come in and brighten up the room. Then, you can use the brightness of the sun to help lighten up the room and get a nice reduction on your energy costs!

So, if you have been thinking about getting some solar panels fitted, this might just be the ideal alternative solution for you.



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